Hi, everyone. We’ve had a lot of new members join the newsletter lately so I thought I would give you a little intro and welcome — just for you!

I’m Michelle Newbold and I run this blog called Intentional Arrows. This is part of my guidance counseling business, located in North Atlanta, called North Atlanta Guidance Counseling.

My goal is to help parents educate and launch their middle school and high school students into the great big world as responsible adults and God-honoring culture-warriors!

I do this in several ways.

Local Seminars

Locally, I hold seminars for parents on how to teach your middle school and high school students at home for the homeschoolers and how to teach them general study skills.  I also do seminars on the whole college application process — including transcripts, resumes, applications, testing, college research, scholarships, and summer internships.   I also teach classes in the area on goal setting and study skills for students.  Most of my seminar information really applies to any kind of education – public, private or homeschool.  Therefore, you can catch me locally and attend a seminar and ask questions.

Blog Posts

On this blog, I will be blogging about all of the above topics!! This month we are going to start a new series called CHASE – Chasing Your Child in Order to Launch Them.  I bet you’re dying to know what the 5 letters in CHASE stand for.   Stay tuned for my next post to find out!

launch, chase, great big world

Chasing Your Child In Order to Launch Them

Challenge Posts

I also post once a week some links for parents and students in my Challenge III class. This is a class for Juniors in high school. The links are just fun videos and questions that go with what we are studying. You may even find these interesting even if you don’t have a Challenge student!

I”m glad you are here. You can connect with me on FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, by clicking on the icons!

Please let me know how I can serve you!



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Michelle Newbold has been married for 25 years to her best friend, Craig. They have four kids whom they have been homeschooling from almost the beginning.  They are active in their local church and in Classical Conversations where Michelle is a Challenge III Director at two locations. They are looking forward to sending their kids out as influencers in this world.  You can find them often on the lake, working on their wakeboarding & boat driving skills.