Here are some resources for Challenge III, fall semester, Week 6. Not all subjects may have resources or questions. I will be editing as time goes on.


N.D. Wilson says,  “In the end, living makes dying worth it.”  Do we value our lives as much as we should? Discuss the big ideas we have studied so far: God is big, He cares for the small things, We are characters in His play, He is our Shakespeare, God’s attention to detail, and He speaks through nature.

Discuss who were the skeptics and the Copernican revolution. It’s so interesting that Luther and Calvin did not believe Copernicus’ theory that the Sun was the center of the universe and not the earth. Ask your student whether we can trust our senses. Discuss the biases that we each have and how Descartes felt we should be critical of our selves and our biases. What do you think Descartes famous statement, “I think, therefore I am” means? Discuss how he came to his conclusion that God exists. Ask your student what was one reason Descartes gave for God’s existence. Do you agree?

For an interesting read: here is this blog about another Challenge III class. This article ties in the chemistry experiment and the Descartes lesson.

If you are using Sermon Audio or the DVD for helping with understanding Philosophy, note that Sproul inserts a sermon on Pascal, who was an interesting Christian scientist, but is not covered in our book. Chapter 7 covers Leibniz and Locke.
Here’s a fun Youtube short clip of Benedick being tricked. It’s my favorite scene in the movie.
Here’s a fun clip of David Tennant talking about how cool Shakespeare was. Has a cool surprise at the end. See if you recognize him. Parents may recognize him. Probably most students won’t even know who he is.

Ask your studnet who was in George Washington’s cabinet and what part did each one play?  What does the Secretary of State do?   Who is the current Secretary of State? When did Clinton step down from her position and hand it to John Kerry?

When John Kerry was our Secretary of State during President Obama’s administration, he made a controversial deal with Iran. It is currently being discussed in the news. President Trump just referred to this same deal recently when speaking at the UN. Wonder what Mr. Neutrality: George Washington would have thought of that? That would make a great dinner table discussion!

Who were the Federalists vs. the Republicans–what were some of their differences? What were Hamilton’s 3 reports about?  Some key vocabulary words that apply to his reports are: debt, credit, capitalists.  Make sure your students understand these words.


Ask your student what the cool eye experiment was and what they saw when they took the red cross away. Try it again at home and try using different colors.

Here are three videos that go topics from our current module and may help you in understanding the eye and the quantum model of the atom. 
The Color Pink:

Rods and Cones of the Eye:
Models of the Atom:

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Michelle Newbold has been married for 25 years to her best friend, Craig. They have four kids whom they have been homeschooling from almost the beginning.  They are active in their local church and in Classical Conversations where Michelle is a Challenge III Director at two locations. They are looking forward to sending their kids out as influencers in this world.  You can find them often on the lake, working on their wakeboarding & boat driving skills.