Here are some resources for Challenge III, fall semester, Week 5. Not all subjects may have resources or questions. I will be editing as time goes on.


Here’s a great review on Inequalities on the ACT.


At this point your students should have a good knowledge of how our country was founded and the documents it was based on. Talk to them about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution. See what they know.
Discuss with them how looking at our world is a lot like art appreciation. Ask them what they’ve learned about the bigness of God and our tinyness – that this is both terrifying and comforting (Is. 40:26, Mt10:30, Job ch 38- end)
We are also focusing on the fact that life is a gift. It is amazing that we are even here. We should be giving thanks for our very lives and not be cranky about small things like homework! 😉  Romans 1:21, Eph 5:18-21
Ask them what was  Aquinas’ theory of nature and grace. He had 5 proofs for the existence of God. What was one of them? Do you agree with it?
 Here is an interesting youtube of Easter Wings by Herbert.  He reads it and talks about it. Also, you can see both stanzas of the poem here.He really explains the poem well AND he refers to St. Augustine, Latin and Shakespeare.  Talk about connecting subjects! Highly recommend you grab a snack and watch this one.
Help your student to the first lab in Module 3 on electrical charges. Have fun!
All for Him,
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Michelle Newbold has been married for 25 years to her best friend, Craig. They have four kids whom they have been homeschooling from almost the beginning.  They are active in their local church and in Classical Conversations where Michelle is a Challenge III Director at two locations. They are looking forward to sending their kids out as influencers in this world.  You can find them often on the lake, working on their wakeboarding & boat driving skills.